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Shipping Services

Ocean Freight Services

We at JCD AUTO DEALERSHIP, we have developed our full range of sea freight forwarding services over so many years, and can organise the transportation and management of your sea freight through our international agents to almost any destination in the world.

Air Freight Services

We assist our clients in preparing documents and make sure your cargo is cleared from the moment it arrives, avoiding demurrage and saving you time and money. Our experienced customs clearing agents have in-depth knowledge of clearance regulations, procedures, and industry best practices.

Warehousing Services

JCD AUTO DEALERSHIP  has over 47000 square meters of covered warehouse and 80,000 square meters of open space warehouse with warehouse management system to warehouse your cargo as well as collateral management

Our warehouses are staffed with experienced and trained personnel for reliable service.

Road Freight Services

JCD AUTO DEALERSHIP has its own close to 100 fleet made up of trailers, cargo vans, low beds, light body trucks and mobile crane.

We transport goods World wide.