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ABOUT JCD Auto Dealership

The most trusted Car Exporter in the Ghana Founded over 12 years ago, JCD Auto Dealership and Shipping rapidly established itself as the most transparent and trusted operator in the global export market-based in Accra, Ghana. With a vast experience in the market, supported by staff who speak more than 5 languages, we are the first stop for your vehicle purchase. We have experience of delivery to all parts of the globe.

As the most trusted establishment in the region, our knowledge, experience, and network afford us a selective inventory of outstanding vehicles. Specializing in electric vehicles, we are more than confident that you will enjoy every step of the JCD Auto Dealership and Shipping customer journey.

With you the customer at the center of our operations, we focus on hassle-free, seamless purchasing with assistance in transporting your newly acquired vehicle to any point on the globe.


The JCD Auto Dealership and Shipping organization has a very simple vision “to provide sustainable future transportation to improve peoples lives” This belief, this ethos runs through everything we do, and everything that we try to achieve at Legend motors. We like to think that we have made a reasonable start on our vision, but please drop in and feel free to chat about it more.


To deliver our vision we have to transform this to a mission – and this is to “revolutionize future transportation and connected services” This is why we set out to rapidly become the regions leading expert in multi brand Electric Vehicles.  We and our team are at the forefront of new energy technologies, working with OEM’s and distributors around the world to deliver leading edge vehicles, future proofing your requirements. Whether its now, near or far Legend Motors are your natural first choice partner for all of your vehicle requirements.